Our 2021 Annual Report on Advocacy

As the pandemic persisted, we continued to do the bulk of our advocacy online. Some highlights from 2021:

  • We continued our groundbreaking Autistic Health Outreach Project, educating Canadian medical students about autistic health access needs.
  • We collaborated with the Centre for Independent Living Toronto to improve vaccine access for autistic/disabled people through the Disability Vaccine Outreach Initiative.
  • We collaborated with Independent Living Canada to work towards ending abusive long-term care and institutional housing.
  • We led the annual Disability Day of Mourning in Ontario, remembering those who were murdered by their parents/caregivers and saying: Never Again.
  • We consulted with governments internationally, nationally and provincially on human rights issues in education, housing, school and health care.
  • We continued to advocate for a ban on Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).
  • We educated employers on inclusive supports and communication access for autistic people through our Autistic At Work presentation.
  • We proudly supported Land Back, Black Lives Matter, trans rights, immigrant rights, health care rights, housing rights, climate justice and other social justice issues.

Read more about our 2021-2022 projects: A4A 2021 Annual Report