Autistic Self Advocacy in Ontario

Autistics 4 Autistics (A4A) is a collective of autistic adults, advocating for reform to Ontario’s approach to autism funding and services. We are self-advocates — meaning that neither our parents nor service providers advocate “for” us. We are proudly autistic, united in supporting all autistics on the issues that impact our communities in Ontario.

For too long, autistics have been excluded from input into Provincial decision-making while parents and providers have dominated the discussion. As a result, government policy does not reflect the realities of autistics in this province. It is a missed opportunity for all Ontarians.

We are changing that. Like the Autistic Self Advocacy Network in the US, we are active in the neurodiversity and autistic civil rights movement. Our members have specializations in policy, education, intersectional identities, disability rights/law, youth issues, first-responder and community relations, employment and more. We are committed to making Ontario more equitable and safer for autistics of all ages through education, activism and advocacy.

We hope you will join us and learn more About Us