Information about autism for families & newly-diagnosed people

For newly diagnosed: Welcome to the Autistic Community, by the Autistic Self Advocacy Network

For autistic youth: Welcome to the Autistic Community (youth version)

For families of newly-diagnosed: Start Here by the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network

For families, children & everyone: Neurodivergent Narwhals – Ed Wiley Autism Acceptance Lending Library (

For families: Uniquely Human, by Dr. Barry Prizant

For families: Sincerely, Your Autistic Child: What People on the Autism Spectrum Wish Their Parents Knew, ed. by the Autistic Women and Non-Binary Network

The Neurodiversity Library Reading List

Autism Information: AutisticUK


AAC advocacy organizations & resources

About AAC (Therapist Neurodiversity Collective)

Communication First

Communication Disabilities Access Canada

CoughDrop Open Access AAC info

AssistiveWare, AAC products, info & support

CommunicationFIRST’s LISTEN (documentary)

Deej (documentary)

Unspoken (documentary)


Self-advocacy and the neurodiversity movement

The Autistic People of Color Fund & Organization

Autism Acceptance, by ASAN

The Autistic Self-Advocacy Movement, by ASAN

Don’t Mourn for Us, by Jim Sinclair

The Double Empathy Problem, explained (Damian Milton, et al.)

NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity by Steve Silberman

Loud Hands: Autistic People Speaking by Julia Bascom, ed.

Typed Words, Loud Voices by Amy Sequenzia, Elizabeth J. Grace, eds.

Funny, You Don’t Look Autistic: A Comedian’s Guide to Life on the Spectrum by Michael McCreary

History of the autism diagnosis: TED Talk by Steve Silberman


LGBT+ Resources

AutistiQueers (Toronto)

Autistic and Queer: Coming Out on the Spectrum


e-books/books for autistics & our families

The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism

Navigating College: A Handbook on Self Advocacy Written for Autistic Students from Autistic Adults  edited by E Ashkenazy & M Latimer

The Autism-Friendly Guide to Periods by Robyn Steward

Autistic and Queer: Coming Out on the Spectrum

Relationships and Sexuality: A handbook by and for Autistic People

Empowering Leadership: A Systems Change Guide for Autistic College Students and Those With Other Disabilities

What Every Autistic Girl Wishes Her Parents Knew by Autistic Women’s Network

The Neurodiversity Reader: Exploring Concepts, Lived Experience and Implications for Practice by Damian Milton et. al



A typing-only podcast party  (host Adam Wolfond)

Noncompliant, a neurodiversity podcast (host Anne Borden King)

CripChat UK


Support groups and discussion for allies

Autistic Allies, on Facebook

Autism Inclusivity, on Facebook

A4A Parent Group, on Facebook




Best and Most Beautiful Things

Wretches and Jabberers

People Like Me by Marrok Sedgwick

Project Re-Vision

CommunicationFIRST’s LISTEN

In My Language, Mel Baggs


Stopping autism pseudoscience

The Danger of Snake Oil Treatments for Autism, by Alsa Opar for the Atlantic

On Twitter, for UK news and actions: @AIMautistic
On Twitter, for US news and actions: @fierceautie
On Twitter, for Canadian news and action: @againstcures

ABA & Alternatives

The Foundations for Divergent Minds program

SCERTS: Inclusion program for schools

The Therapist Neurodiversity Collective: OTs, SLPs, PTs

First-Hand Perspectives on Behavioral Interventions for Autistic People and People with other Developmental Disabilities” ed. by the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network

Thomas’s Story, a memoir of growing up autistic in the 1970s and 80s

Autism & Behaviorism by Alfie Kohn


Parenting-specific blogs