Canadian Govt Consulting Document: Combating Phony Autism Treatments

The attached document is a joint submission by A4A and The Campaign Against Phony Autism Cures, Canada to the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences, who is assessing autism services and policy in Canada.

May, 2021

To The Canadian Academy of Health Sciences:

The Campaign Against Phony Autism Cures (Canada), together with Autistics for Autistics Canada, are submitting the attached paper for your review as you assess autism services in Canada. It describes some of the most common forms of autism pseudoscience and the risks they pose to autistic children and dependent adults. It was first written following a request by a provincial Office of the Public Guardian who contacted us because they receive complaints about parents using phony autism “cures” and needed information.

We were not surprised to hear from them. Autistics for Autistics also receives messages from family members of autistic Canadians who are being abused by parents using these treatments, which include MMS, a form of bleach that sellers claim will “heal” autism. As our paper makes clear, the results can be deadly. Thousands of children and dependent adults have experienced adverse events as well as emotional trauma and suffer from PTSD from these phony treatments. Often, there is little protection for the victims.

The Government of Canada’s newly-formed Standing Committee on Science and Research must make it a priority to document and combat autism pseudoscience in Canada……

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