COVID-19 Resources for Autistic People

Autistics for Autistics Ontario and Autistics United Canada, both autistic-led advocacy groups, have put together a list of COVID-19 resources for autistic people, which we will continue to update!

Part 1 is resources specifically for autistic people, including AAC resources, coping guides & online hangouts!

Part 2 is general resources about COVID-19, including health care info in plain language & in multiple languages and financial aid info (Canada).

Part 1: Resources for Autistics

AAC Resources

Coping with the Changes – Guides

Coping with the Changes – Articles

Online Hangouts for Neurodivergent People!

  • Autistics United Canada is hosting online hangouts on Tuesdays and Saturdays, via computer web browser, phone app, or phone call.

Other online Meetups!

Other Things to Do When Staying Home / Sheltering in Place

For Parents & Caregivers

Financial Aid

PART 2: General COVID-19 Information

Part 2 is a PDF. Please link here: Covid info_resource list_plain language-multilingual (Canada)


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